Cohn Racers

Lighter, stronger, faster, better: we don’t stop until we’ve pushed the limits of possibility

With no strict design limitations, together we can build your dream vehicle.

Our special projects team is ready for any project from a small customization to general consulting and project management from concept to completion.

We start with a design concept to create a 2D or 3D model. Then we develop a render and animate to illustrate and simulate the final product.

Technical testing of our designs is critical to success. Rapid prototyping through 3D modeling is our most common method.

3- and 5-axis machining is our most common manufacturing process. We work with foam, plastic, aluminum, steel, and titanium. Every build includes many machined proprietary components.

Molding, shaping, cutting, and welding are just some of the techniques we employ for our vehicle frames and many other essential parts.

Our carbon fiber production relies on prepreg technology for the perfect epoxy resin content, maximizing strength properties. Our self-developed carbon fiber and aluminum molds ensure perfect autoclave curing.

Carefully curating unique leather hides for our artisans to craft a one-of-a-kind seat or interior.

Our meticulous approach to detail in the refinishing stage is the final step in a world-class build. Proprietary colors in urethane paint, powder and ceramic coating. Chrome and nickel cadmium platings are also common techniques we employ.

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